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  • 1 Month Post Surgery:

    I was in severe pain in my left thigh and could not walk or stand for more than a minute without leaning on something or bending over. Post surgery I am pain-free, can walk, and ride a bicycle. I can also sleep without pain. This surgery has changed my mood from ...

    ~ Mickey Altman ~

  • 5 Months Post Surgery:

    Prior to the surgery, I thought I was going to die or be paralyzed. I could not move and I was emotionally drained. Now, after the surgery, I feel like a new man! I can walk and do things I use to do.

    ~ Nimesh Patel ~

  • 2 years post surgery:

    Prior to surgery, I had excruciating pain in my legs and numbness in my feet. I am completely back to normal, it’s almost as though it never happened. (Anterior Fusion)

    ~ Laura Yarber ~

  • After being in severe back pain for almost 2 years I made an appointment with him and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. After getting multiple tests done, we found that the best way to stabilize my spine was to do a spinal fusion. I was extremely nervous for the procedure, but Dr. E...

    ~ Sabine Twardowski ~

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